The ITLC Diversity & Inclusion Action Team is a group of Indiana University IT staff members who volunteer our time to create positive change where we work. Our mission is to foster a welcoming and accepting professional environment that not only embraces but also encourages the inclusion of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ideas. Through initiatives and outreach, we actively work to create a sustainable culture of diversity and inclusion for technology professionals on all IU campuses.

D&I education

We will host workshops, focus groups, and other learning opportunities to educate and promote discussion on topics that impact today’s workplace, such as unconscious bias, generational and cultural differences, and the employment of persons with disabilities. Through a better understanding of diversity and inclusion, we can work towards a pervasively diverse and inclusive work culture.

Change doesn't happen overnight

We strive to ensure employees are engaged and recognized for their diverse contributions to the organization’s success.

But change takes time.

We encourage you to get involved with the D&I initiative, so we can build a diverse and inclusive work culture for the continued betterment of the organization and its employees.

Join the ITLC D&I team!

Together: The UITS Diversity and Inclusion initiative. (Audio Description)

Description of the video:


what does diversity mean to you?

what is your idea of an inclusive work


culture faith

personality age

race ability

disability idea


ethnicity gender

education diet

belief history

language sexual orientation

in early 2018 a group of IU IT employees

initiated the diversity and inclusion

initiative this group is dedicated to

fostering a welcoming workplace

environment ensuring appreciation of the

complexity and composition of our

diverse population

together we can become better the

diversity and inclusion initiative


Connect on Slack

Another way to connect with the D&I Action Team and keep up to date with what’s going on with the group, is to join our UITS Slack channel. You must be a UITS staff member to access this Slack instance, or, if you are outside of UITS and want to join this Slack channel, you can request single channel access. More information about joining UITS Slack is available hereIf you already have UITS Slack access, just click “browse channels” and search for #club-itlc-diversityandinclusion and hit “join”. Whether you want to lurk silently and observe or post regularly and join discussions, you will be welcome in this online community!