Who is the IT Leadership Community Diversity & Inclusion Action Team?

The IT Leadership Community's Diversity and Inclusion Action Team (ITLC D&I, ITLC Diversity & Inclusion) consists of Indiana University IT staff members dedicated to volunteering our time to create a more diverse IU IT. Through active initiatives, we work to create a professional space that embraces collaboration, equity, and inclusion. All IU IT staff are invited to join.

Learn about our initiatives

Our current intiatives include:

  • Increase diversity in UITS hiring by sharing job postings to diverse groups in the community and beyond

  • Document and address challenges faced by immigrants in IT at IU in order to preserve, grow, and protect the international community presence of IT staff at IU

Some identified initiatives we are working on or discussing for the future include: 

  • Inclusive language and software design recommendations
  • Building more welcoming and inclusive hiring processes including in job postings, interview procedures, and onboarding processes
  • Create a social media space for D&I

Visit our Initiatives page for information on our current intiatives.

Relevant upcoming events at IU

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