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The ITLC Diversity & Inclusion Action Team is actively working on the initiatives outlined below. We have prioritized these initiatives because they speak to the experiences of our current team members and the IU IT community at large. Our hope is that by working with others around IU to follow through with these initiatives, we will create sustainable, positive change for our community members.

If there is an area in which you'd like to see improvement, please feel free to suggest an initiative.

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Challenges faced by internationals at IU

Initiative current members

Co-Chairs: Melanie Ebdon, Megha Ramawat

Volunteers: Ninad Bandodkar, Madeleine Gonin, Karim Tbatou, Anna Hungerfield Greene

Initiative description

International students and employees in the IU community face many unique challenges, from navigating policies and procedures that their management may struggle to understand, to enduring career suppression because of fear that they may not remain with the university. We plan to work with the IU community to identify these challenges and to make recommendations for improvements in the international staff experience and career paths, to create training material for supervisors, and to provide resources to support international staff and their supervisors.

Initiative's ultimate goal

We hope that by identifying challenges and writing up recommendations to address these challenges, this initiative will ultimately preserve, grow, and protect the international community presence in IT at IU.